Shrimati Vimladevi College Of Physiotherapy

About College

Shri GurukrupaShikshanPrasarak Mandal established Smt. Vimladevi Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital in 2010 with a vision to impart the knowledge of Ayurveda, traditional healing modality, which emphasizes on balancing the body, mind and spirit to treat and prevent diseases.
The main motto of SGSPM is to bridge the ever increasing gap between demands of Ayurveda personnel in rural areas and wide spread chronicle diseases and problems. The college intends to train the students in Ayurveda and impart knowledge of modern medicine using scientific ways. Adequate laboratory facilities are provided for training of undergraduate course. College also provides OPD services to nearby villages, which are also attended by the Medical Officers and Interns under supervision of Senior Staff.

Type of Physiotherapy


Neuro physiotherapy is a specialist branch of physiotherapy dedicated to improving the function of patients who have suffered physical impairment caused by neurological conditions.


Cardio-respiratory physiotherapy aims to help clear lung secretions, prevent or improve areas of lung collapse and reduce the effort of breathing.


Physiotherapists in these roles have the training and skills to safely and autonomously assess, diagnose, treat, prescribe medicines and manage patient needs.


Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy is a specialised area of physiotherapy treating injuries and conditions which affect the muscles, joints, and soft tissues.