About Us

About College

Smt Vimladevi College of Physiotherapy, Chandrapur  established in 2023 is run By Shri Gurukrupa Prasark Mandal Trust which is well-known for its academic excellence and infrastructural facilities..

The College of Physiotherapy is attached with Smt Vimladevi Ayuvedic Medical College and Hospital. Vimladevi Ayurvedic Hospital is 100 bedded and NABH accrediated. Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a 4 years and 6 months degree program. College of Physiotherapy has intake capacity of 60. Being attached to the multidisciplinary hospital students have excellent opportunity to explore and develop their clinical skills.

Physiotherapists are health care professionals with a significant role in health promotion and treatment of injury and diseases. They combine their in-depth knowledge of the body and how it works with specialized hands-on clinical skills to assess, diagnose and treat symptoms of illness, injury or disability.

All physiotherapists registered to practice are qualified to provide safe and effective physiotherapy. They have met national entry-level education and practice standards, and have successfully passed a standardized physiotherapy competence examination.

Our Vision

  • To educate professionals in general and specialized physiotherapy.
  • To integrate technology into the practice of physical therapy.
  • Total Quality Management for Physical Therapy Education, Services, and Research.
  • To develop students’ global competencies, particularly their sense of morality.
  • Encourage top-notch research and education initiatives in physiotherapy for the benefit of local communities.
  • Hybrid the students with recent trends.

Our Mission

  • Physiotherapy education that is learner-centered.
  • Through solid community relationships, promote community-oriented physiotherapy and extension services.
  • Encourage community-relevant research.
  • Improve the referral center for physiotherapy.
  • Create a strategic strategy that is focused on the future.
  • Strengthen connections between organizations.
  • Ongoing development of each component process.
  • Excellent systems for community development research and physiotherapy education.


Mr Indersen Singh
Founder & President

Ayurveda speaks of preventive as well as curative medicines in the same volume. There has been general awareness among the people about this science leading people to Ayurveda. This calls for a much greater responsibility of academic institutions and practitioners catering to the increased demands from the society. In our institution, we are propelled by a continous urge to improve in all aspects and contribute better Ayurveda doctors to the society. The results of our effort further motivates us to contribute the best to the society.

Mrs Manorama Singh

The purpose of every science is to serve human kind and seek for their welfare. According to ancient Indian Philosophy the purpose of life is to achieve DHARMA, ARTHA, KAMA and MOKSHA. To achieve this, a healthy body & mind are very essential, this is achieved through Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medical profession plays a very important role in the society.

Mr Rahul Singh
Joint Secretary

Shri GurukrupaShikshanPrasarak Mandal established Smt. Vimladevi Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital in 2010 with a vision to impart the knowledge of Ayurveda, traditional healing modality, which emphasizes on balancing the body, mind and spirit to treat and prevent diseases.The main motto of SGSPM is to bridge the ever increasing gap between demands of Ayurveda personnel in rural areas and wide spread chronicle diseases and problems.

Mrs Ankita Pandey Singh

We insist on the up gradation of our faculty members and students. We believe that regular interaction with experts, scholar and peers is the foundation of a good academic set-up. This is brought about by organization of workshops, seminars and conferences.

Miss Ruchi Singh
Vice President

We support and encourage participation of our faculty members and our students in various such events within and outside the institution. Curricular and co- curricular activities are included in the academic calendar to promote the overall personality development of the students. This renders them the confidence to accept any challenge in their future life.

Mrs Veena Pandey

The backbone of all our achievements in the highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic staff is. Our graduate and post- graduate students have achieved sky-scraping position in various Ayurvedic areas and even in their own practices.

Mr Amarnath Singh

It is one of the best medical institute & changing as an established & proven leader in the field of medical education by maintaining high standard & values. The website has created a right atmosphere to learn, study & help the society to maintain positive health. The website will help the students to select their career & for the patient for correct remedy.

Facility and Infrastructure


  •  Central library equipped with spacious reading room and stacking space, it provides facility: Technical video cassettes and CDs.
  •  Rich collection of nationally and internationally acclaimed journals.
  •  Reprographic subsidized rates.
  •  OPAC service provided for the search of library books.
  •  Book bank facility for reserved category and meritorious students


  •  24 hours CCTV surveillance throughout the campus.
  •  In house transport facility for medical emergencies.
  •  Emergency ambulance available round the clock.

Cognitive and Audio/Visual Learning

  •  Well equipped classroom with advanced teaching aids for Cognitive and Audio/Visual Learning with the help of projectors, internet, mike facilities.

Students Common Room

  •  Well ventilated and lit common room with comfortable sitting arrangements.
  •  Separate common room for boys and girls.
  •  Separate Lockers are available for students.

Canteen and mess

  • A well maintained canteen which ensures availability of hygienically cooked good quality snacks viewed as an essentiality to support academic ambiance. The canteen is operated by reputed caterers under strict vigilance of Canteen Committee.

Play Ground

  • A huge playground in the campus for outdoor sports & events.

Counseling, Mentoring & Guidance Cell

  • Students undergoing stress or tension can avail psychological help of a professional Psychologist & Psychotherapist specially appointed for the purpose.


  • 24 Hour Internet Service of 10 Mbps is provided in every department as this will help students to interact with their counterparts anywhere concerning their project, technical paper presentation and research work . The students can keep themselves abreast of the fast changing technologies. Services provided through Centralized Computing Centre at ycce.


  • Gymnasium is equipped with all the modern health equipments. All health conscious students can make use of this facility to maintain their physical and mental fitness.


  • A spacious auditorium cum sports auditorium of over 500 seating capacity for conducting various extra –curricular activities is in the college premises.